Welcome to become a member of Birgit Nilsson Society!

The membership fee is SEK 250 per person, or SEK 400 for two persons within the same household.

For domestic transfers within Sweden, please make your payment to account (bankgiro): 624-2457. 

For international transfers:  Swift/BIC: HANDSESS  IBAN (International Bank Account Number): SE836000 0000 0007 2612 3102

Please do not forget to enter your namn, adress and E-mail address when paying!

Birgit Nilsson Society aims to be an active and lively society. All members are therefore most welcome to give comments and to share ideas and thoughts.

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Member’s benefits

As a member you get reduces ticket fees at Birgit Nilsson Society’s events as well as favorable offer at Birgit Nilsson Museum.

Entrance to Birgit Nilsson Museum   60 SEK  (= 50% discount)

Member’s benefits in the museum shop


  • Birgit Nilsson Recital   75 SEK
    • Birgit Nilsson, accompanied by Lars Roos, from a live recording at Ettlingen Palace, Karlsruhe in Germany 1976.
  • Birgit Nilsson Eine Jahrhundertstimme /Voice of a Century / 11 cd 150 SEK
  • Die Frau Ohne Schatten 275 SEK
    • Reissue of the 1975 recording from the Royal Opera with Birgit Nilsson, Siv Wennberg, Walter Berry, Matti Kastu, and Barbro Ericson. Conducted by Berislav Klobucar. 3 CDs. 


  • Birgit Nilsson – A league of her own 230 SEK
    • A documentary by Thomas Voigt and Wolfgang Wunderlich


  • La Nilsson 120 SEK
    • Birgit Nilsson reads from her memoirs, 12 h (in Swedish)


  • Birgit i Bjäre 200 SEK
    • av Kalle Eriksson (in Swedish)
  • Birgit från Västra Karup till Metropolitan 230 SEK
    • by Elisabeth Meyer-Topsøe (in Swedish)
  • Birgit Nilsson i ord och bild. ”Värp först och kackla sen”  225 SEK
    • by Mattias Enn med illustrationer av Anders Svernsjö (in Swedish)
  • Birgit Nilsson 100 – An homage     800 SEK
    • Book edited by Rubert Reisch for the Birgit Nilsson Foundation (in English)